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NOTE: This game is still in development, so expect bugs and some game design issues. Price is also subject to change in the future.


See Nothing is a PS1-style sci-fi shooting game inspired by a 1997 cult classic Enemy Zero. You can't see your enemies, but you can rely on a sound sensor to detect their direction and proximity.

Plot (subject to change)

You wake up in your bed in a small room in a large spaceship. The door in front of you opens but you don't see anything there. But you suddenly hear growling that is coming towards you from the door. The earpiece on the desk next to you makes a constant beeping sound. You pick up your gun from under your pillow and shoot at the direction of the door. A creature suddenly appears there and falls dead. You then hear multiple metal clanging sounds around you not too close to you. You exit your room as you carry your gun and wear the earpiece. Will you survive getting to the escape chamber?


  • Keyboard
    • Jump - Spacebar
    • Shoot/Charge Shot - Left mouse button
    • Look - Mouse
    • Aim - Ctrl key
    • Run - Shift key
    • Walk - WASD keys
  • Xbox 360 Gamepad
    • Walk - Left stick
    • Run - Left bumper
    • Aim - Left trigger
    • Look - Right stick
    • Shoot/Charge Shot - Right trigger
    • Jump - A button


Art, Game Design, Programming - Daniel Jung

Sounds - Imphenzia AB, Freesound.org

Special Thanks - dsoft20

System Requirements

OS: Windows 64-bit, macOS, Linux 64-bit


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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SeeNothing_v0.20_Win64.zip 18 MB
SeeNothing_v0.20_macOS.zip 19 MB
SeeNothing_v0.20_Linux_x86-64.zip 20 MB

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