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love the game keep it up :):):)

all i see is black and grey and cannot see the textures.

Hi, can you send me screenshot(s) of the issue?

Here's the problem

I can't see the image on my end. Perhaps try posting the image somewhere else and post the link in your next comment?

This was clearly a game jam game but it wasn't particularly difficult or scary, a jumpscare when the ghosts catch you and making them see you easier might be good additions to the game!

its very simple. I think you could have spent more time on a better story. I do like the ghost though! Make the ghost chase you. I will make a video on your game :)

I'm very proud of you AnimeGeek cauze you answer all comments!

With a few tweaks to the ghosts and maybe a slightly more maze-like map, you could have a quite fun short horror game; currently, however, it feels more like an interactive art piece that isn’t inherently bad, unless you wanted it to be a horror game. The most significant change necessary is giving the ghosts some form of ai that allows them to follow the player, maybe have that AI only kick in after you acquire the mask. This provides the player with a chance to take in the scenery and map before suddenly being snapped back into the reality of the situation. Not a bad game, just a strange one.

Gameplay below includes a few other possible changes.

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Hi, thanks for trying it out! The ghosts actually do chase you if they see you in front of them. You can also lose them if you run away long enough. I originally had an entirely different plan for the mask, as well as the whole game. Unfortunately, I spent more time fixing the ghost rig and was forced to rush this game out as a simple pick up an item and return type game. If I had significantly more time before the deadline, I would've spent more time polishing the AI so it can turn very sharply after you dodge its charge at you (and make them sensitive to your footsteps and other noises) and make the game more complex.

I tried this and 17 other entries from the scream jam. Purgetory is the spooky 13th game in the video. Glad it was easy enough to finish :D


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Thank you for playing!

Hey. Can you make a windows 32 bit version?

No problem. I just uploaded the Windows 32 bit version for you. Enjoy!