A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Philly Game Jam 2014 entry developed by the EGG Gaming Group. The group consists of Stefan Lopuszanski, Matthew Findlater, Du-Marc Mills, Daniel Jung, Jon Crissey and Matt Bridges.

Our game won these following awards:

Best Overall Game, "WTF?" Award, Best Use of Theme


Control the spirit incarnate of William "Billy" Penn. His wrath has been summoned by the ever-encroaching presence of modern commercialism, threatening to destroy his legacy.

That and something about a curse on Philly if someone builds above his head.



You are in a race to reap your revenge! Destroy the growing buildings by damaging both sides of a structure.

During the night buildings slowly grow, but during the day they will grow quickly!

Avoid falling to the streets below as it delays your rampage while you climb back to the top of City Hall.

If a building passes your hat line you'll lose points and if a building passes the top of the screen all hope is lost!

MoveLeft StickArrow Keys/WASD
JumpButton 1Spacebar, Z
PunchButton 2X, J

NOTE: Highly recommend you play at a resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio.


AGA_Win.zip 28 MB
AGA_Mac.zip 16 MB